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Our experience comes from the international digital marketing and then expanded to offer high quality services and consultancy to Italian companies.

Local business in Friuli Venezia Giulia

We love to support and improve the online performance of local companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Italian companies

We are dedicated to increasing the online competitiveness of Italian companies and SMEs, especially international companies.

EU/Extra-EU Companies

We were born working abroad for UK companies. We continue to provide web marketing services to UK, EU and non-EU companies.

International Brands

Our career started working for London-based companies in UK. Over the years we have acquired effective knowledge and techniques to increase the performance of websites.


Renault Dacia

Project in which GDigital was entrusted with the implementation and optimization of the local search results of 60% of the Italian dealers belonging to the Renault-Dacia brand.

Type of intervention: optimization of local searches

Roadside Assistance

Fastrack Motors

Fastrack Tyres is a London based business specialising in 24 hour emergency roadside assistance and tire fitting for cars, 4×4’s and light commercial vehicles, covering all of London up to a 50 mile radius.

Type of intervention: SEO optimization, UX and Google Ads campaigns

Real Estate

London Nest

London Nest is a British real estate agency based in London. It has a wide selection of rooms, apartments, houses and residences for English and international students in central London.

Type of intervention: Digital strategy, SEO optimization, Google Ads campaigns

Trading and Finance

Amalgamated Metal Trading

Amalgamated Metal Trading Limited is a metal derivatives broker based in London. Provides trading solutions to corporations, funds and financial institutions globally.

Type of intervention: Analysis of the competitive context, formulation of online strategy for the launch of a new website

Fashion and E-Commerce


Contrado Imaging Ltd is a company founded in 2002 and based in London. All products are customizable online and are developed in-house and sold online worldwide.

Type of intervention: SEO website optimization and online team coordination

Heating Systems


Warmup is the leading manufacturer and seller of underfloor heating systems and smart thermostats. Offers a wide range of products to meet the most sought-after home heating needs.

Type of intervention: Formulation of online strategy, optimization of international websites and management of advertising campaigns.

Real Estate / Rentals

Dublin Nest

Dublin Nest is an English real estate agency based in London. It has a wide selection of rooms, apartments, houses and residences for English and international students in Dublin city center.

Type of intervention: Digital strategy, SEO optimization, Google Ads campaigns

Companies Friuli Venezia Giulia

We share the best digital and web marketing knowledge to local businesses in Friuli Venezia Giulia. We support the online growth of startups and SMEs. We help small local businesses establish themselves online and improve their sales through online.

Food, Supermarkets and Large-scale retail trade

The Red Rooster / Despar

Gallo Rosso Despar is a project created to enhance the food products of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Local companies are selected, with a short supply chain, ensuring to have on the table fresh and genuine products.

Type of intervention: analysis and positioning strategy, site structure, improvement and customization of page structure, SEO optimization.

Business Services


IopGroup hardware and software solutions, services and projects by performing calibrated systems integration activities to evolve and significantly improve productivity, communication and quality of life in enterprises.

Type of intervention: Competitive environment analysis, creation and implementation of digital strategy, UX optimization, SEO and consulting.


Explorer FVG

Explorer FVG is a new project for the valorization of the Friulian territory. The goal is to promote tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia through reviews, photos and the latest web technologies.

Type of intervention: Strategic analysis, website creation, web-design and development. Content and photo editing.

Design & Supplies


Blifase is a company founded in 1963. He makes designer wooden chairs, stools and sofas with refined upholstery to give elegance and comfort to any room.

Type of intervention: Analysis of the competitive environment, online growth strategy, support for strategy implementation and SEO optimization. Google Ads campaign management and local search optimization.



Waltlens is an optical store that specializes in online prescription lens replacements. Offers certified high quality products that can be purchased online at a discounted price. It has a lab where it cuts, installs lenses and ships them to the customer.

Type of intervention: improving indexing and browsing experience. Creating and managing advertising campaigns to maximize online sales.

E-Bikes Rental


Slowbike24 is a new reality that aims to provide the best service in the rental of electric bicycles and all-inclusive services for the slow cycling of the Alpe Adria Cyclovia.

Type of intervention: Analysis of the start-up competitive environment, sitemap design and online growth strategy. UX optimization, SEO and advertising campaigns.

Italian Companies

We have a special attention to Italian companies that want to increase their visibility and online performance in the international market. We support this growth at all stages, from creation to implementation and monitoring of the web strategy.

Billing and receipts

Get Your Bill

GetYourBill is the solution for issuing invoices and other sales documents quickly and error-free whether from point-of-sale, mobile, or e-commerce portals.

Type of intervention: advertising campaign management, creation of new landing pages and reports.

Business analytics software

Datasmart Italy

DataSmart offers an innovative business analytics platform capable of transforming thousands of data points into information, budgets and projections for business management.

Type of intervention: Competitive environment analysis, sitemap design and online growth strategy. UX optimization, SEO and consulting.


Omar Bertasi

Omar Bertasi is a point of reference in Lombardy for quality, passion and creativity in the world of fashionable haircuts and women’s hairstyles.

Type of intervention: Website optimization and management of online advertising campaigns.

E-Commerce makeup

Mumi Cosmetics

Mumi is a company made up of a team of professional cosmetic and make up artists. Proposes an innovative range of products in the panorama of cosmetics for women.

Type of intervention: SEO optimization, sitemap restructuring, digital consulting.

We have supported many brands by finding the best solutions with tangible results.

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