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GDigital Marketing

We offer digital marketing services to improve and strengthen the online visibility and performance of websites. Thanks to our decades of international experience and the latest knowledge and software, we provide a premium, highly effective and personalised service.

About us

GDigital is the result of Giulio Deganutti’s 10 years international experience in digital marketing. The strength of this agency lies in its approach to digital marketing which takes into consideration all aspects of the online with the output of a highly customised and effective strategic approach.

Did you know that... ?

Most of the professionals in digital marketing take into consideration only one aspect of the online leading to a ineffective online strategy.

What we offer

Boost the growth of your online business

We offer a strategic and operational consulting service to improve your website’s visibility and revenue. We use the latest and most advanced knowledge to skyrocket your online business. Our approach is scalable depending on the sector, industry, available resources and expected results.

Why choose us

What sets us apart

We have gained a solid experience working in London for international companies. This allows us to distinguish ourselves from the average digital marketing service. Our multidisciplinary, data-driven approach has above-average levels of effectiveness.

International Experience

We have 10 years of international experience in managing online projects in different industries, website types and company sizes.


We analyse and consider all aspects of a website: from data analysis to coding quality, from web-design to content editing.

Personalised approach

We never repeat the same approach for different businesses as it won't work! We analysethe context and objectives in detail to formulate the best strategy for your website.

What is your situation?

How we can help you

We can support online businesses in many ways.

Improving site visibility, traffic, user experience and thus generating leads or online sales is our specialisation. We analyse and study the customer's online searches, journey and site features. We improve all the elements that can prevent a website to perform.

Data analysis is the starting point for any digital marketing project. All aspects of the company profile and website performance are analysed. Further analysis of online searches and competitors is carried out in order to create a strategy that includes all the changes and activities required to improve the website's performance.

Online advertising on search engines are a very effective tool that allows you to give almost immediate visibility to a website, boosting lead generation and online sales. A careful analysis combined with a solid knowledge of the advertising platform allows to identify the most performing audience, set up the campaign properly and lowering the cost per conversion while improving results.

Many times you find yourself entrusting your online project to agencies or freelancers without any control over the activities carried out or visibility of the results achieved. By managing, coordinating or monitoring the work of your team online, you can maximise results and increase the transparency and the online ROI.

Without specific knowledge, the web can be difficult to understand. Many times you find yourself having to make decisions or solve problems by trial and error, with no real control over the situation. Our advice ensures that you understand the situation and make the right decision without the risk of increasing costs or decreasing profitability.

If your site is no longer functional, modern, does not fit the emerging needs of the brand or if there is the need to make a big leap forward, creating a new website is the way to go. Before starting with the development, we analyse all the elements by formulating a strategy adapted to the needs of the business. This allows to maximise the results and performance of the website in the medium-long term.

Our goal

Determined to succeed!

We are determined to achieve the goals set by improving the online performance. Let us help you with the support of our experience, reliability, expertise and the most advanced web tools.

The founder

The Digital Strategist

Giulio Deganutti started his career in Digital Marketing in 2012 in London. In 2020 he founded GDigital with the aim of increasing the online competitiveness of Italian companies.

"In Italy, all online technical skills are disconnected from each other and this creates a major gap in online performance and competitiveness compared to the average website performance in EU. "

Giulio Deganutti Founder of GDigital Marketing

    GDigital was born from 10 years of experience in international digital marketing.

    Made in London.